The Importance of Your Family History


Many of us have a deep-seated interest in history. We might watch historical films, read factual novels that involve a certain place or historical event, or we might spend hours researching the history of our country, our culture or our religion.         More..



Heir Research Scams - Beware!


If you are looking for a beneficiary, you know how difficult it can be to find a reputable beneficiary tracing company that offers the services you need and that you can depend on for results. Scammers and con artists know this as well and they will try to take advantage of those seeking their heirs or trying to settle an estate.    




The Benefits of Genealogical Investigation


There are many reasons why people are interested in having a genealogical investigation done, and there are many interesting as well as important facts that a genealogical investigation can uncover.




Discovering Your Family History


You don’t have to be in a type of crisis in order to be interested in or to benefit from learning about your family history. While research and investigation into family history can greatly benefit those who were orphaned or who have no idea of who or where their biological family are located; research into family history can also be advantageous and highly enjoyable and exciting for those of us who think we know our families rather well.




The Human Population - Are we all related?


The human population is exploding and growing rapidly. For many years there have been arguments regarding our relationship to each other.  A study has shown that – although coming from different parts of the world - all human populations share genetically similarities




Understanding Genealogy & Genetics


Genealogy can be loosely defined as the line of descent a person, family or group of individuals traces back to from an ancestor or any other older form.




Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Genealogist to Trace Your Family History


Many people deem it unnecessary to hire professional genealogists these days, when there are numerous ways and means of doing it themselves on the internet. Although this is true up to a point, there are several very good reasons as to why you should hire a company of experts in the field of genealogy




What it Means if You Are Contacted by A Probate Research or Heir Hunting Company


When someone from a Probate Research or Heir Hunting company contacts you, it can only mean that a relative of yours has passed on and failed to leave a valid will or their next-of-kin. In this case, it is important that the closest living blood relative of the deceased is located





Reasons To Take Into Consideration When You Need To Hire A Professional Genealogist



There are some hobbyists who are successful at researching their family history with no assistance from professionals. For the rest of us, however, an expert is essential, especially when you take into account the huge amount of research that needs to be carried out.





Genealogy Research and Education



It is important to look back at the past to see where we are from and how, what, and who, had an influence on our current way of living. With this information, we can work towards creating a better future for ourselves and the generations to come...





Harrisons Research & Genealogy - Bringing People Together



A death in the family is always a difficult and painful time for friends and those related to the deceased. Unfortunately for those left behind, there is always a lot of documentation, legal dilemmas and final arrangements that need to be taken care of. What happens when there aren’t any next of kin?





How DNA Testing Helps In Tracing Your Ancestors



There are millions of people in the world with the same surname as you and you, like many others, would like to know if you are in some way related to these people, whether you share a common ancestor. DNA testing these days has become the popular choice of many who want to trace their historic country of origin, their ancestral make-up, or their family histories. Read on and discover how DNA testing helps in tracing your ancestors.





How Do Genealogists Break down those "Brick Walls"



Genealogists often use the term “brick wall” when they hit a rough patch in their research, those apparent dead ends they come across after spending weeks and months on research that yield nothing.





Tips to Getting Started With Genealogy


Genealogy is the art of tracing the ancestors in your family. People can make use of this skill to track their family lineage and this can be very useful if they are trying to find a particular person.





The Lures of Genealogical Research


Knowing the stories of ancestors can help to make them all seem real and like they have always been a part of your life. This is probably one of the most luring facts about this type of research due to the tug on the imagination and inspiration.






What is DNA?


While many of us are attempting to find out who we are, what we are made of and what makes us unique; very few of us might have considered looking at our cells. Deoxyribonucleic acid or more commonly known as DNA, is the building blocks of virtually all living organisms, human beings included. And, guess what, each and every person with the exception of identical twins, has their own special version of DNA living within their bodies.






Why Have We Contacted You?


In the event that Harrisons Research & Genealogy contacts you, it will most likely be because you are related to someone that passed away and they noted you as next of kin to their will. In this event, we track the closest blood relative to the person who has passed so that they are able to benefit from the inheritance that may have been left for them in the will.





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