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Public Sector - Locating Next of Kin

Working with local authorities, coroners and hospitals in the locating of next of kin in intestate estate cases.  Our service is free to public sector departments and  helps to limit the cost involved in dealing with a public funeral, deceased individuals estate and to ensure next of kin are given an opportunity to attend a funeral.


Administrator Search

Are you aware of someone dying with no known next of kin? Dont refer to GLD, our FREE administrator search can locate the legal heirs and arrange for your firm to be instructed to administer the estate.


Locating Missing Beneficiaries

Whether you are a Private Executor, Administrator, Legal Professional or Public Service, searcing for a missing beneficiary, a personal representative to instruct your firm or multiple heirs in a complex intestacy, our expert international team of researchers can assist in locating those entitled to benefit.  With several different price plans we have a package to suit every situation.

Document Search Service

We can obtain birth, marriage and death certificates, adoption certificates, Wills, Grants of Probate and Decree Absolute.

Research Verification Service

For a quick, efficient way to help minimise the risk of distributing an estate incorrectly,  allow us to verify your research, check for gaps and confirm the accuracy of the research

Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance

For peace of mind or where not all beneficiaries can be located, Harrisons can assist in the arrangment of Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance.

Missing Will Insurance

Where there is uncertainty prior to distribution of an estate that a Will has been left,  the inclusion of Missing Will Insurance may be required.  Harrisons can assist in the arrangment of this cover and provide the much needed peace of mind.

Financial Asset Search

With millions of pounds lying dormant in bank accounts, insurance policies and financial institutions Executors and Administrators may have uncertainty that all assets have accounted for relating to a deceased estate.  We search over 200 financial organisations, Will banks and asset registers to help ensure all assets are located and your risk is mitagated.

Missing Will Search

Before you distribute an intestate estate be sure that a will does not exist or in a testate case check there is not a later will.  We will perform a thorough search for registered or unregistered wills in the UK and offer you the peace of mind required.

Estate Distribution Schedules

Dealing with a complex intestacy or estate with numerous heirs?  We can assist in drawing up an estate distribuiton, estate statement and the sometimes complex calculation of each share due to beneficiaries, ensuring the correct distribution and avoiding future claims or incorrect calculations.

Bankruptcy Search

When dealing with a deceasd estate you will need to establish if the Heir(s) are bankrupt as their creditors may have a claim on monies due.  We will perform a search of the insolvency register and provide the assurance needed before you distribute.

Address Checker

Need to locate an individual or verify multiple addresses? Has a person moved from their last known address? Harrisons can provide a quick and cost effective report on current addresses for you.

Company / Director Reports

Whether you are winding up the estate of a deceased company director or checking for outstanding creditors Harrisons can provide full Company and Director Reports.

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