Administrator Search / Missing Benficiaries

As an established probate research company, we at Harrisons Research & Genealogy pride ourselves on our success rate for our clients in locating missing heirs, beneficiaries or Legatees globally and with continued investment in our staff and databases we are best placed to assist you in your search.


Once instructed you will be provided with a dedicated Case Manager to oversee the work from start to finish and will be on hand to answer any queries and keep you updated throughout the process. 



Administrator Search


Why refer to GLD? Use our free Administrator Search service.


As a Solicitor or other professional you may become aware or involved in an estate where the deceased reportedly has no living relatives.


Harrisons Research can typically locate living relatives within 48 hours and secure an instruction for your firm to administer the estate and enable fees incurred to be reclaimed and further work to be undertaken.


Why miss out on fees and refer to the Government Legal Department?


This service is free and our research is undertaken at our own time and expense.  Our fees are reclaimed from individual contingency agreements with beneficiaries.




Missing Beneficiaries


Put us to the test!


At Harrisons Research & Genealogy, locating Missing Beneficiaries or unknown Legatees is our speciality. 


If you are a solicitor or trustee charged with administering an estate, we know just how frustrating and time consuming it can be when not all of the beneficiaries can be found.


Known beneficiaries may have moved on, changed their name, even died.


Worse still, in cases of intestacy and unknown heirs, family trees have to be compiled, proof of the relationship to the deceased has to be collected, heirs have to be located.


We at Harrisons Research & Genealogy, are experts in the field of probate genealogy, and are happy to undertake all aspects of research required to locate missing or unknown heirs, providing you with full reports and all the documentation you need.


With several fee options we are able to offer a package to suit all requirements.


Our Fees

Fixed Fee

Research undertaken on a fixed fee option enables a initial assessment of the research required to be made and a quote generated in advance of any research being undertaken. 


This enables a report date to be set and the easy planning of a budget for the estate costs.


Pro's -

  • Easily Planned Budget
  • Guaranteed Report Date
  • No Payment if research incomplete by report date




Time & Expense

Often the best option when some information is known.  We can work to an agreed budget in advance and report back once this has expired. Complex cases can take lots of time and payment is required irrespective of results.


Pro's -

  • Initial Budget Agreed
  • Easily Managed Costs against estate
  • Quick and Effective





This option is suitable for intestacies and requires no formal instruction.


Our fee is paid through a share of the estate the beneficiaries we trace receive and is via an agreement individually with those beneficiaries traced by us.  We are not paid for those we do not find.  However there is no guarantee on a reporting date.


Pro's -

  • suitable for estates where there are no known heirs and no administrator or if some beneficiaries are already known
  • Known heirs are protected from having to pay for unknown beneficiaries
  • "No Find, No Fee" - No payment for those we do not find.

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