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Harrisons Research & Genealogy as an established firm of probate researchers and genealogists,  can assist public sector departments, coroners and hospitals in the locating of next of kin for deceased individuals in intestate, bona vacantia cases.


Why Use Harrisons?

*Service is free to Public Sector Departments

*Enables the bereaved to be informed

*Helps prevent distress caused to relatives informed after the funeral

*Next of Kin can be asked to take over funeral arrangements and costs

*Ensures the return of costs incurred by the local authority quickly with the fast resolution of the deceased's estate

*Saves time and cost in referring to the GLD

*Next of Kin can usually be found within 48 hours of our involvement.

*Family can be asked to deal with the deceased's possessions

*Thorough searches for missing wills can be undertaken, preventing any future liability

*Removes stress, cost and time.

*Dedicated Case Manager will be on hand to answer any queries and keep you updated

*Harrisons can provide all the documentary evidence to prove next of kin and assist in appointing them as personal representative

*If kin cannot be located we can assist in the referral to the GLD


We understand the sensitive nature of the event and our expert professional team approach every case with the sensitivity, professionalism and compassion required when locating the bereaved.


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